Q. Can you transport passengers in your aircraft?

A. Yes, per CFR 91.313 and FSIMS 3-4085 we can transport your people since they “perform an essential function in connection with a special purpose operation for which the aircraft is certificated; or is necessary to accomplish the work activity directly associated with that purpose”. For example power line linemen, drill operators, construction personnel are accepted passengers.

Q. Are “Restricted Category” rotorcraft safe and airworthy?

A. Yes, we maintain our aircraft under a strict maintenance program used by the United States military called an AAIP (Approved Airworthiness Inspection Program). Basically this is a 25 hour phase maintenance program which means that our aircraft are inspected at a minimum every 25 hours by our certificated A&P mechanics. Standard Category aircraft are inspected every 100 hours.

Q. Can you perform long line operations within densely populated areas?

A. In many cases yes, we need to apply for a “contingency flight plan” with the governing FAA office in your area.

Q. Are your aircraft cost effective for our use?

A. Yes, in most cases a “medium” class helicopter can perform the same duties as a smaller aircraft or even a larger aircraft. This of course has limitations and proper planning is essential. We can help you decide what will work best on a case by case basis.

Q. What are the limiting factors for figuring which aircraft can perform the mission intended?

A. We will take in to account the DA (Density Altitude) the OAT (Outside Air Temperature) and the mission particulars and make an informed decision.