About Us

Rampart Helicopter Services is a family owned helicopter company specializing in vertical reference long line aerial crane work. Established in 2007 as a sister company to Armstrong Helicopters, LLC in Stevensville, MT, Rampart Helicopter Services opened up in Castle Rock, Colorado to better serve a wider geographic area.

aboutusWe have years of air lift experience operating at high altitudes providing construction and heavy equipment air lift services such as:

  • Power line
  • Ski Lift and heavy Equipment delivery services a
  • Emergency rescue
  • Helicopter Oil and Gas Equipment Delivery
  • Helicopter Fire suppression and fire mitigation services
  • Fire Rehabilitation
  • Logging
  • Long line delivery of equipment which is valuable for seismic and oil drilling equipment and placing equipment into back country forests, dams and other difficult situations.

Our employees are all experienced professionals in the helicopter industry with thousands of combined hours of incident free flight time.

Serving Colorado, Continental US and Abroad
Rampart Helicopters Services serves the entire state of Colorado with air lift services to states such as California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Kansas and has helped fought fires in Florida and served in remote places throughout the United States and worldwide.

Rampart provides helicopter semi-portable services for the seismic equipment for oil industry and also offers advanced AgNAv (Guia Aerial Mapping), various services for forestry including select Fire Suppression, Fire Mitigation, Fire Rehabilitation “Bale Bombing”, Logging & Clean up and emergency rescue services and support. Above all, we pride ourselves in the safe operations of our helicopters and equipment, providing our clients with knowledgeable first class helicopter skills and experience.